Would you like to get thicker, stronger and better looking hair without surgery?

Are you interested in maintaining your hair and regrow the thinning hair to its former appearance?

Alomesa® Mesotherapy

Alomesa® Mesotherapy from Vinci Hair Clinic is an extremely effective non-surgical solution for hair loss and to help increase the thickness of thin and dull hair.

Traditional mesotherapy that has been used for decades and used for facial rejuvenations, weight loss, cellulitis and other localized problems, the ability to apply it directly to the affected area is what brought it to the attention of those treating hair loss.

Alomesa® Mesotherapy  is a mixture of traditional mesotherapy with the most advanced hair loss medications and vitamins.

A small quantity of our Alomesa® Mesotherapy formula is injected directly into the scalp that is affected with hair loss, that way the formula affects the hair follicles directly instead of having to pass through the digestion system before the medication is delivered to the bloodstream.  By applying the formula directly to the hair follicles the effectiveness is multiplied and that’s why results are more effective than oral or topical applications.

The treatment can be used for thinning hair, male pattern balding, female hair loss due to heredity causes as well as hormonal and is also popular with those who simply want thicker, stronger healthier hair.


FAQ on Vinci Alomesa® Mesotherapy

Is the Vinci Alomesa® Mesotherapy treatment safe?

Yes, it’s 100% safe and patients don’t report any side effects from the treatment, only a small quantity is injected directly into the affected area.  We only use FDA approved medications, natural vitamins and minerals mixed with our own patent pending formula. This formula has been created by the experts at Vinci Hair Clinic, which has worked in the field of hair loss and hair restoration for years.

Is the treatment painful?

Some patients experience slight discomfort but the treatment is not painful.  We minimize this by administering a mild anaesthetic compound into our Alomesa solution.

How fast will results be visible after the first treatment?

This will be different from one case to the other but in most cases it will take 2 – 3 months before results become clearly visible.  Some patients however report good results quickly after starting treatment, as soon as a couple of weeks after starting the treatment but it’s best to estimate from three to six months for full effect of the treatment.

Will I have to use medications at home?

In our opinion the best results are achieved with a combination of Alomesa® Mesotherapy and medication but the decision lies with our patient. If the patient is interested in taking medication with the treatment, your Vinci physician will prescribe all medications necessary; what medication is administered will depend on your hair loss cause and extent, age, sex and other factors determined by our physician.

Can this be used with PRP and hair loss medication?

Yes, your treatment plan might recommend PRP or medication as a part of your Alomesa therapy®, discuss this further with you clinic to get more information.

Where to get the Alomesa® Mesotherapy for hair loss

You can get the Alomesa® Mesotherapy in most Vinci Hair Clinic and some affiliate centres around the world, please contact your nearest centre for further information:

  • Vinci Hair Clinic in the United Kingdom (UK)
  • Vinci Hair Clinic ,London, England
  • Vinci Hair Clinic in Spain
  • Vinci Hair Clinic, Malaga, Spain
  • Vinci Hair Clinic in Brazil
  • Vinci Hair Clinic in Sao Paulo, Brazil